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Sliding Down the Razor Blade of Politics

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Trump is going to continue to use up all the oxygen in the room, in the media, in the national political consciousness. And HRC will be gasping for air and attention. The MSM dotes on him like a helicopter parent enabling a rotten, spoiled, bullying child.

Hillary has two public tonal and personality notes — monotone wonk for interviews, and ascending shrill for campaign rallies. Where Trump is clever and entertaining to his followers, and hypnotic like a poisonous cobra to the rest of us, she, unfortunately, is just very hard to listen to after about 15 minutes. And there is zero sense of wondering what unexpected thing she might say next.

Of course she will be able to nail him to the wall on all things presidential in one-on-one debates, but no voters are really going to be swayed at that point — everyone already knows that “what you see is what you get” with both of them. What is there to learn?

I hate this feeling of whiplash between thinking that this vicious ignorant buffoon could never get elected, and the sinking feeling that the outcome could be razor thin — in either direction.



President Obama: The Adult In The Room

For generations to come, this statement will be used as an exemplar and a touchstone in discussing the toxic political dynamic of our day.

Solid Gold Rachel Rant

Now we get down to business . . .

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King

He did not die for Mitt Romney to become president, dammit!

Twisted Into Political Knots

It is not easy to process the familiar and unfamiliar, conscious and unconscious, ways Obama has become such a Rorschach for so many racist segments of society  who have felt it was their moment to run up and down the street expressing the most odious views.

And now, seeing so many on the Left rending their garments in disappointment, using time, energy and brainpower bemoaning Obama’s faults and failures rather than joining forces to beat a vicious SOB like Romney, is becoming increasingly problematic.

Time’s a-wastin’, and all of the remove voters from the rolls, don’t allow students to vote, mess with the voting machines, divide and conquer, create faux scandals, spread outright lies on all fronts, etc. strategists are already working overtime to spread a clear and simple message: Obama is the worst president ever. That he is simultaneously not very bright, an intellectual elitist, and an enemy of the nation.

Birther Trump is a grotesque joke to us, but affirms millions who feel they share the opinion of a successful public figure. Some stunning percentage of the population remains convinced that the POTUS is anti-Christian and/or anti-semitic, conspiring to impose Sharia law on the US.

The young voters and campaign workers who did make a difference, are not so fired up this time, in part because most don’t really understand what a Romney victory could mean. They knocked themselves out to make history. We all did. McCain and Palin were so improbable that there really was no political analysis to speak of. Race is still the Great American Dilemma, and along with cynical pie-in-the-sky economic promises, will cause millions to vote against their own best interests.