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Sonny Rollins and LC

Here is some seriously odd yet compelling s**t

That Is Priceless: MASTERPIECE #86

That Is Priceless: MASTERPIECE #86.

Shani Davis, Champion Speed Skater

Shani Davis, twice an Olympic Gold Medal Winner!

Cornel West/ Obama

Sometimes Cornel West can spread himself rather thin. But when he gets it right what he says is worth listening to and thinking about.

Hot Air Balloons

Wonderful Montgolfier balloons always make me smile and feel better.

. . . and really creepy Redon eyeball balloon is another matter altogether.

Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome

The newsletter of the Non-Catholic Cemetery is beautifully designed and edited, full of interesting historical figures and information. I hope that by this time next year I will have installed a plaque at the cemetery in memory of Sarah Parker Remond.

Non-Cath Cem. Rome

1873 painting of Keats’ grave

Bob Marley’s Birthday

Happy Birthday Bob Marley.   . . . Redemption Song

Josephine Baker

Some lovely footage of Jo Baker singing about Haiti in the 1935 film, Zou Zou.