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Freudian Bacon

Had the opportunity to attend the preview brunch at Christie’s for what turned out to be a mega-record setting auction. I think I had a slight touch of Stendhal syndrome — the three attached pics were all in one area of just one of the rooms! I do wonder why the experience was viscerally different from a visit to excellent shows at MOMA the day before.

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 8.46.32 PM

This Kline was one of my personal favorites.

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 8.48.02 PM

I had a bit of a re-think about Pollock after seeing this lovely smaller piece. I’ve never been moved by his better known massive work, but this really caught me off guard, beautiful, thought-provoking.


Sadly, I was a couple of days early and a few dollars short for bringing home the Bacon.

Joseph Campbell and Granny Smith, etc.


A couple of people on FaceBook be all up in my grill about a comment I posted re: Joseph Campbell.


In random connection with my current profile and cover pictures there, thought I’d add that I remember him telling our class that as a young child, after hearing the story of Adam and Eve, he was never again able to bring himself to eat an apple.


Always found that charming, candid, and thought-provoking.



Boston Women’s Memorial 10th Anniversary

Some of Susan Wilson’s wonderful photographs of the 10th anniversary of the unveiling of the Boston Women’s Memorial on Commonwealth Avenue. The sculptor, Meredith Bergmann, is also a respected poet, and chose to read a poem for the occasion.

Marie Turley


Marie Turley shepherded the project through all the years of planning and political decisions. 

Meredith reads

The sculptor, Meredith Bergmann, reading a poem she wrote for the celebration.


A rare opportunity to see the model for an important work of art.

With Senator Warren

Mayor and Mrs. Menino, Senator Warren, major donors, students, and various public figures were all part of the enthusiastic audience.

City Planning?