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A CHANCE TO MAKE HISTORY: Sarah Remond Plaque Fund

A view of Rome from the Pincio

We continue to raise funds to install a plaque in memory of the extraordinary 19th-century African American activist and physician, Sarah Parker Remond at the Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome, Italy.

Have a look at the full story and the posts at

Hope you’ll donate and spread the word. Many thanks.

Stereopticon slide of a view of the Non-Catholic Cemetery where Remond is buried.

Kansas Speech

And Osawatomie, Kansas, where President Obama spoke yesterday is associated with . . . ?

Frances Smith Foster

Dear, fabulous, brilliant Frances Smith Foster received the prestigious Gittler Prize at Brandeis this week. Two days of gracious welcoming hoopla, and students, faculty, and guests alike could hardly let her go with wonderful questions and comments after her talk at the award ceremony.