International Disgrace

The whole world is watching.


Solstice Travelers

The magus Gaspard and his page, by Bosch. They are on their journey once again.


Edmonia Lives! New York Times Obit

Always nice to be quoted in the Times:

Edmonia Lewis Grave Marker

A new article about Lewis, some of my research, and the grave marker installed by Bobbi Reno.


Art + History Consultants

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New Alain Locke Bio is Here!

My copy arrived today. Monumental, important, and beautifully written. Bravo! to Jeffrey Stewart.


The Heavy Lifting

Thurman Christmaswinterhomeless


Slavery’s Voice


My dear friend, teacher and scholar Roberta Logan, posted an excerpt from the testimony of a former slave gathered by the WPA. I remembered that my uncle Marty (Martin Daniel Richardson) had been a part of the group of writers and journalists who collected those stories in the 1930s — in Florida, in his case. I’ve read a few he gathered and some transcribed by others. Many voices, and nothing simple about the choices and decisions enslaved men and women made for themselves and their loved ones.

So, short version, it turns out many of the typescripts were digitized by the Library of Congress. Here’s one; some of you will recognize the location thanks to Zora Neale Hurston and Alice Walker.


copy Gragston