Notre Dame Interior & Roof Before The Fire


For all of us piecing together our memories of the interior of Notre Dame, here is a lovely four minute video with ambient sound of the bells tolling, a service in progress, views of the lost ceiling, the nave and side chapels, the roof and the spire.

The VR mic sound is amazing; it’s audible as is, but listen with headphones or earbuds to be transported.

International Disgrace

The whole world is watching.


Solstice Travelers

The magus Gaspard and his page, by Bosch. They are on their journey once again.


Edmonia Lives! New York Times Obit

Always nice to be quoted in the Times:

Edmonia Lewis Grave Marker

A new article about Lewis, some of my research, and the grave marker installed by Bobbi Reno.


Art + History Consultants

Border CardBorder Card

New Alain Locke Bio is Here!

My copy arrived today. Monumental, important, and beautifully written. Bravo! to Jeffrey Stewart.


The Heavy Lifting

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