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Required Reading

Number 12

A fine list from For Harriet. And be sure you have Number 12!

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A Language of Opulence

I find this fascinating.These are decorative imitations of an Arabic script used to represent opulence and and rarity.


The fake calligraphy becomes a powerful cultural signifier that incorporates language, affluence, and design. But because the “writing” is utterly meaningless and based on a visual perception of an alien system of communication, the scribbles, though decorative, become an abstraction of the idea of Arabic culture embodied by language.

[Thanks  #Medievalpoc]

Yeah, But What About…?


ONE thing that attempts to have political and social change conversations online has taught me is that the urge to deflect rather than engage is really strong. Focusing on some statements must feel like looking into the sun for lots of folks, so many replies veer off to change-the-subject land.


Trump, et al


I’M both laughing and horrified like most everyone else, but the malignant chill he casts is making him less funny. Watching him in front of an audience is like peering into an open sewer of a mind of unbridled ego, venom, and ruthlessness.

How is it that such a person can attract a following? I find it hard to even look at his face when he speaks. And really, doesn’t his hair obsession make him a joke right out of the gate? Who are the people who get past that and listen to him?



THE truly addled are pouring into positions of political power. This is what the Tea Party hath wrought.


I admit I’ve believed that the ship of state, however inherently flawed, would manage to stay afloat. But it’s getting horrifying to watch it turn into a disastrous Ship Of Fools.


The Repubs, once again, have no one remotely capable of functioning on a national, let alone international, level. No One! And in a two-party system (such as it is) in today’s world, that’s frightening.