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Encore Charlie Hebdo

There is lively French response to this, pro and con. Moi, je le trouve con.


Go Huddle Somewhere Else






25 states, so far, ask the icon of Liberty to turn away from what she represents.

I remember the days when, if you wanted to teach at an American state university, you had to take a loyalty oath. Of course, if you were determined to “overthrow the American government,” as the phrase had it, the least of your problems was signing an oath to the contrary.

I just don’t see how letting in or keeping out Syrian refugees will in any way impede determined Daesh terrorists from getting into the country. Setting up shop in the US is the least of their problems.

I do understand the visceral fear that murderers could walk through the front door with false documents or credentials calling themselves refugees. But vetting is really hit or miss when the huddled masses in question come from a country where there are few if any reliable ways to get background info on anybody — so many administrative buildings have been destroyed, much of the bureaucracy no longer exists. Excellent fake passports are a new Turkish cottage industry.

It seems to me that Islamophobia has clouded clear thinking about security measures.

Paris En Deuil


Photo: A statue in Pere Lachaise Cemetery

New Rimbaud Museum


This is the sort of museum I particularly admire, one where art and history are both given pride of place.

A Lovely New Film About Architecture, Spirit & Place

This just in from the acclaimed filmmaker, Judith Dwan Hallet, a friend and classmate. If you are in the Baltimore area, treat yourself to a wonderful evening of viewing and discussion.


FREE to attend! 2 AIA/CES LUs Available

Tale of the Tongs Film Screening
Thursday, November 19, 6pm
MICA Fred Lazarus IV Center at 113 W. North Avenue, Baltimore, MD (Auditorium)

In 2013, architect Travis Price and his Spirit of Place-Spirit of Design students from The Catholic University of America designed and constructed an architectural installation on the island of Inishturk off Ireland’s rugged west coast. The Spirit of Place design/build studio explores the connection between culture, landscape and the unique history of people and place through a contemporary design idiom. Over nine days, the students built a memorial on this remote, windswept and sparsely populated island, and the film interweaves the construction with profiles of the people who live on Inishturk. Tale of the Tongs presents an inspiring insight into the students’ design and construction process, and what it means to this small village. Tale of the Tongs and other Spirit of Place projects have received numerous AIA/DC Design Awards, and widespread press in Architectural Record, Dwell, Metropolis and more.

To view the trailer:

The screening will be followed by a panel discussion with the filmmakers: Emmy Award- winning Judith Dwan Hallet and Stanley Hallet, FAIA, former Dean of Catholic University School of Architecture. They will be joined by Kathleen Lane, AIABaltimore Executive Director (former Spirit of Place Director). The panel will be moderated by Baltimore-based design journalist Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson.

New Edmonia Lewis Article!


Really nice piece on Edmonia Lewis (even if I’m not totally objective, of course). Talia Lavin writes so beautifully, and she packs a great amount of information into the article