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The Emancipation Proclamation



“We pause now to mark the 150th anniversary of the most important New Year’s Eve in American history.” *

Much has been accomplished; much remains to be done



W.T. Carlton’s painting is variously called “Watch Night — Waiting for the Hour” or ” Watch Meeting — Dec. 31st, 1862.” It was sent to President Lincoln by abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison in 1864 and also circulated widely as an engraving (below). The painting now hangs in what is called the Lincoln Bedroom, really that president’s study and Cabinet Room, over the desk upon which he signed the Emancipation Proclamation on the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, 1862.

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* Editorial, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/31/12


Excellent Fractals

I have long been fascinated by fractals. Here is some extraordinary information.

Redemption Song – Playing for Change

Redemption Song – Playing for Change.


Only Film Of Mark Twain

A brief 1909 silent film of Twain and his daughters by Thomas Edison. The two men were friends.

Handel’s MESSIAH


Listening (radio) to Handel and Haydn Society perform Messiah at Symphony Hall. My mother always took (ok, at first, dragged) me to an annual performance, until I finally caught on. Blessings for her persistence.

I have only a faint memory of my grandmother, Geraldine Hazard Brisbane, who studied voice and organ at the NEC, singing “I Know That My Redeemer Liveth” with a Worcester, MA, chorus performance — not H&H.

So, even listening at home, do you feel the urge to stand for the HC?