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Remond Plaque Essay For Women’s Review of Books

Remond Plaque Essay For Women’s Review of Books





Sarah Parker Remond Plaque

Thanks to all who donated and all who supported the Sarah Parker Remond Plaque Project, the plaque was installed, just before Christmas at the Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome!   remondinlace-shawl

A CHANCE TO MAKE HISTORY: Sarah Remond Plaque Fund

A view of Rome from the Pincio

We continue to raise funds to install a plaque in memory of the extraordinary 19th-century African American activist and physician, Sarah Parker Remond at the Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome, Italy.

Have a look at the full story and the posts at

Hope you’ll donate and spread the word. Many thanks.

Stereopticon slide of a view of the Non-Catholic Cemetery where Remond is buried.

Thank You & A Request

Sarah Parker Remond Plaque Fund

OUR THANKS to all of you who filled the Salem Athenaeum on Friday for the wonderfully informative and entertaining illustrated talk by Nicholas Stanley-Price. We are grateful for his willingness to give us an evening of his brief visit from Rome to speak about Sarah Parker Remond, members of the Story and Crowninshield families, and others from Salem in Rome’s historic Non-Catholic Cemetery.

We continue to raise  funds to create and install a plaque in the fine location reserved for our memorial to Sarah Parker Remond (1826-1894), African American abolitionist, international lecturer, physician, and social activist, whose final resting place there is unmarked. 

 A total of $10,000 would fund the project, complete with a celebratory unveiling to which all donors will of course be invited, as well as a program in Salem to mark the occasion.

Momentum matters; we hope to complete the project within a year. So please consider donating whatever you can, and be sure to spread the word to others who might like to participate.

All  donors will have their names inscribed in a leather bound volume which will include historical essays on Remond’s life and legacy. One copy will reside in the Roman Cemetery Archives, another in Salem, Massachusetts.

Please send checks payable to:

Remond Plaque Fund, c/o Francis T. Mayo 

265 Essex Street, Suite 301

Salem, MA 01970. 

Thank You!

Marilyn Richardson and Francis Mayo for The Remond Plaque Fund

Sarah Parker Remond and the Remonds of Salem


Sarah Parker Remond was born in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1826. She died in Rome, Italy, in December of 1894. The decades between were filled with a life of activism, adventure, and personal achievement.

She was a daughter of Salem’s most prominent African American family of their day. Yet, when Sarah and one of her sisters finished primary school they were refused admission to the Salem secondary school because of their race.

The Family moved to Newport, Rhode Island, where the children attended a private school. John Remond and others initiated law suits to integrate the Salem school. When their case was won the family returned to Salem.

In 1853 Sarah and a party of friends, including the black historian, William C. Nell, purchased tickets by mail to the most popular opera in Boston, Donizetti’s Don Pasquale, performed at the Howard Athenaeum. When Remond refused to be redirected to the segregated section when the theater managers realized the group was black, she was shoved down a flight of stairs and injured. She sued the theater, winning $500 in damages; the theater was ordered by the court to integrate all seating.

Sarah Parker Remond became a speaker for the American Anti-Slavery Society. She agreed to travel to Great Britain on the eve of the Civil War to promote the cause of the Union and to argue against British sympathies for the Confederate South whose cotton supplied the many British mills. She lectured throughout England, Scotland and Ireland.

 Determined to further her education, she also attended London’s Bedford College For Women. And after the War she went on to attend medical school at Santa Maria Nuova Hospital in Florence, Italy. She lived the remainder of her life in Italy.

Throughout, Remond was an international activist for human rights and women’s suffrage.

Sarah Parker Remond is buried in an unmarked grave at the Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome. A fund has been established to install a plaque there in her honor. Please have a look at our Donations, Please page and join us in establishing a memorial to this internationally significant 19th-century African American woman.

 Be sure to see the website for the Sarah Parker Remond Plaque Project:

All donors will of course be invited to the unveiling celebration in Rome!

Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome

The newsletter of the Non-Catholic Cemetery is beautifully designed and edited, full of interesting historical figures and information. I hope that by this time next year I will have installed a plaque at the cemetery in memory of Sarah Parker Remond.

Non-Cath Cem. Rome

1873 painting of Keats’ grave