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Massachusetts Politics

In no particular order, you name it, if it’s progressive Scott Brown has spoken or voted against it: filed legislation to allow hospitals to refuse emergency contraception in rape cases; says Wall St. and bank bonuses are legit; indicated on CNN Obama’s mother was not married; voted against funding mammograms for the uninsured; against same sex marriage, of course; claims he knows little about tea partiers although he has spoken at a number of their rallies; doubts there is any human influence on global warming; defends water boarding; has pledged to vote against any congressional health care plan, supports Israeli settlements. . . He’s solidly far right, but also not very bright so he’s a real follower. As a personality he can be really mean-spirited as well. His campaign has been a fascinating example of the power of hate-mongering media. All the little Rush-lings on the many talk stations hereabouts have been whipping their listeners and callers into an anti-Obama, anti-Kennedy legacy frenzy on Brown’s behalf. And it has worked.  Coakley is solid, but bland as a personality. Brown is clearly dim but quite photogenic. Rough days.


Candidate Brown criticized Coakley for speaking at MLK Breakfast calling it a political gesture. Smooth move for a ruthless hypocrite who would never accept such an invitation because he and his followers want nothing to do with King and his beliefs.