Massachusetts Politics

In no particular order, you name it, if it’s progressive Scott Brown has spoken or voted against it: filed legislation to allow hospitals to refuse emergency contraception in rape cases; says Wall St. and bank bonuses are legit; indicated on CNN Obama’s mother was not married; voted against funding mammograms for the uninsured; against same sex marriage, of course; claims he knows little about tea partiers although he has spoken at a number of their rallies; doubts there is any human influence on global warming; defends water boarding; has pledged to vote against any congressional health care plan, supports Israeli settlements. . . He’s solidly far right, but also not very bright so he’s a real follower. As a personality he can be really mean-spirited as well. His campaign has been a fascinating example of the power of hate-mongering media. All the little Rush-lings on the many talk stations hereabouts have been whipping their listeners and callers into an anti-Obama, anti-Kennedy legacy frenzy on Brown’s behalf. And it has worked.  Coakley is solid, but bland as a personality. Brown is clearly dim but quite photogenic. Rough days.


Candidate Brown criticized Coakley for speaking at MLK Breakfast calling it a political gesture. Smooth move for a ruthless hypocrite who would never accept such an invitation because he and his followers want nothing to do with King and his beliefs.

One response to “Massachusetts Politics

  1. This guy sounds like a piece of work!

    I’m from Canada: do people in the U.S. (of a certain political stripe, I mean) really believe we have death panels up here?? I ask because a friend of mine who is married to a woman from Texas spent the holidays with her family, and over Xmas dinner, mom-in-law said she was glad that “we don’t have death panels like you do up in Canadia.”

    Being of a progressive bent, my friend replied that no, we don’t have death panels, and then went on to say that he had been glad to hear that Texas had recently decriminalized the sexual act between consenting males. He made a point of describing said act in some detail, by way of registering his irritation with her ignorance.


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