Judith, Holofernes, and T-rump

I realize I can be an art nerd, and I certainly get the horrendous Daesh reality, but my first reaction to Kathy Griffin’s shtick was that it was a riff on Judith and Holofernes, a famous scene depicted by hundreds of artists from the middle ages to Donatello to Klimt, to name just a few.

Given all the depictions of assault on effigies of Obama, and our long American political tradition of all sorts of violent images, I find the rush to turn Griffin into a pariah both ignorant and excessive.

18893140_10207557707339237_5692485754305964949_n18835722_10207557707939252_4844856169674249180_n18880004_10207557708819274_2498910828218186440_o18765676_10207557709939302_5635487333565963199_n.jpg       18814166_10207557711059330_5369807050135940404_n.jpg

2 responses to “Judith, Holofernes, and T-rump

  1. Yup, ignorant and excessive indeed!

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  2. …and I chose not to add the particularly gory version by the great Artemisia Gentileschi, a woman of genius who endured boorish insult and brutal assault.


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