War PR 2014


My point in posting this viral photo is that this is what propaganda looks like. This simply promotes hatred and demonization. Further, the fact that something so crude, and certainly not what it is purported to be, could be accepted and believed is a measure of … what exactly? Still sorting that out.

And there are also these IDF graphic design posters — in English. 

Certainly mosques, homes, and schools have been used for destructive purposes. These posters instruct angry, frightened people to see every Palestinian home, mosque, and ambulance as a deadly trap. But the ambulances, for instance, in use now are filled with injured and dying. Yes, there is a risk of sabotage, but the message of the poster is that all ambulances are fair game.

Can reasonable people assume Palestinian doctors, nurses, EMTs, etc. are fanatical enough to show up in ambulances and at hospitals prepared to both work to save lives, and having signed on as willing to be blown up for the cause? They risk their lives, but not in collusion with, or as shields for, guerrilla fighters.







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