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Ferguson, Lord, Ferguson


From the very beginning, the reaction to Ferguson has felt different, and over the months the protests there never let up. Now this is happening across the country. American Spring?

Demand Police BodyCams

BWVcamera1Ferguson is far from over, but there is a sense of “what can anyone do?”

A practical next step to combat the widespread sense of helplessness among good people is to really take up the cause of police bodycams.

They must be required equipment, a part of the uniform. Police unions are fighting them, but it is a cause that can grow if people want it to.

Hands Up…Against The Wall



Leonard Blair hangs Damon Davis’ artwork on plywood covered windows in Ferguson, MO. Hands up. All sizes, ages, colors, genders, in black and white photos. Pasted over raw plywood on windows boarded up in anticipation of the grand jury decision.

Beautiful and instantly iconic.


Once again, Black improvisation, under siege and defying oppression, produces brilliant art. But at what human cost?



Indict Darren Wilson



140818175847-lead-dnt-johns-private-autopsy-michael-brown-00003509-story-topFeeling pull to be there if Darren Wilson is not indicted. Michael Brown was flawed, teenaged knucklehead, shortchanged by lousy schools, cul de sac life options, on and on. None of it capital offense. He was “…the least of these.”

His body was left unattended on a neighborhood street, in front of families and children, for 4 hours. In America. While Wilson went into hiding without even filing a report.


This case has felt like a turning point from the start.