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American Torture. American Death, Killer Cops


Matthew Ajibade was a 22 year old student at the Savannah College of art And Design

LET’S BE CLEAR: there is a stratum of American law enforcement that functions as a vicious, brutal, racist criminal enterprise. We cannot know the number, but any talk about “a few bad apples” is cynical and dishonest. District Attorneys, prosecutors, municipal governments, politicians, at best choose to ignore what they are fully aware of. At worst, they collude and protect. The police are enforcers of the white American will.

Turning Over Their Own Rocks And Crawling Out

Missouri police officer on leave over video in which he says: ‘I’m … a killer’

They are crawling out from under their own rocks. Just connect the dots – from rage-fueled hatred of President Obama to declaring open season on powerless young black men. For each of these outspoken killers in military or civilian uniform, imagine how many anonymous like-minded men and women are in agreement and cheering them on.

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