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Clarence Thomas “Exposed”?

This makes my day!

Ex-Girlfriend Of Justice Thomas Signs Deal For “Sexually Driven Memoir” |


My Response:

‎        “The moral arc of the universe is long but it bends toward justice”

Lying s.o.b. clawed his vicious way to the Supreme Court pandering to the right wing by promoting some of the most vile stereotypes and innuendo about black women. I’d say there are dots to be connected to total lack of respect for both Obamas that is expressed and tolerated in some quarters.

Yes, Hill has sensibly moved on and built a solid career and reputation. But if a church-going, Yale Law School graduate, civil rights attorney testifying under oath could be famously written about with impunity (for the writer) and little rebuttal as “a little bit nutty and a little bit slutty,” how many more straws does it take to break the back of the average, working class black woman?

Answer: There is not enough straw in the universe to do that, but some do stumble, and many of us, from all walks of life, felt her ordeal resonate in our bones.

Clarence T’s sex life is certainly not anything I want to know more about. However, if there is anything in that or other realms that will shame, embarrass, discomfort or discredit him, bring it on!

And not just because of Hill. As I’ve said, any black man who would use the term “high-tech lynching” to further his political ambitions is beneath contempt. And of course, look at his record on the court.