Night Thoughts Prompted By The Monster Trump


I’m wondering if we are being played, not by either candidate, but by the real money and power that always operates behind the scenes. Nothing would be new there, but what if, as it seems to me, those power brokers have simply turned their influence and attention away from our national election cycle and are moving and shaking in an entirely different arena?


There are always disaffected extremists on the right, Tea Party, militias, etc., these days, John Birchers back when, but the Republican Party as a modern political entity has always had a solid, conservative, business-oriented, Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, pillars-of-the-community core nationwide, and an endless supply of banking, Wall Street, powerful in-group, Bohemian Grove, heaviest of heavy hitters, etc., money, power, and influence.


 The fact that the grown-ups did not weigh in and take control of a party spinning out of control, and prevent Trump getting his sorry ass nominated leads me to wonder if indeed the game is no longer national politics, but in fact globalism/globalization. If that’s the case, and the forces of the right that once kept things in an admittedly bland counterpoise with a center-right Democratic establishment are not even particularly interested in, let alone involved in, the mechanisms of this American election, we are really screwed.


What, then, do these folks gain from overseeing, as seems to be the case, the rush to the right of so many western countries, most notably the UK and France? Why are they willing to be spectators to the Walpurgisnacht that is threatening Washington? Are they simply gambling that Trump will self-destruct, lose interest, lose his constituency, and Hillary will prevail? Perhaps, if we’re lucky, the outcome is already in hand, ala JFK.


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