Massacre at the Borghese Galleries  


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Figuring out how to post this. Phone won’t allow download of whole thing which does go on for a while.

Contemporary installation at the Borghese Galleries in Rome. First it is still and shadowy. Then, as it suddenly begins to spin, faster and faster, figures move. Slows down and stops for another 10 minutes when it suddenly begins to move again.

Hard to figure out what is depicted at first. I admit I thought it was an orgy, but realized it’s The Massacre of the Innocents, shame on me.

Standing watching when a group of Italian teenagers who spoke no English asked we what the scene was. Me? Launched into a Marx Brothers/Sid Caeser docent attempt. A little Italian. A little Spanish, “Does anyone here speak French who could translate into Italian?” We had quite a little crowd.

Young people don’t know the iconic Biblical stories, so I was trying to ‘splain how this was part of the Xmas story hence a seasonal installation in this historic gallery. Concluded nicely with smiles, thanks, and smattering of applause.

Here is background on the installation:

Mat Collishaw Zootropio Foto Andrea Simi

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