Thug Kitchen Cookbook Thumbs Down!

Thugs Gotta Eat, But This Is Ridiculous


Image source: theplanetdaniel

The recipes are mundane, but the white authors’ racist stereotypes and insults are hair-raising. Think about it for a moment: How is this funny or a good idea? With spicy language, as with spice when cooking, it’s good to know when enough is enough.

Call me persnickety, but I’m put off by the word “shit” repeated throughout a recipe or other discussion of something I’m planning to eat. Which raises a larger point, these are some tin-eared white folks when in comes to black English (and certainly not all are). They have a remarkably limited vocabulary and zero gift for improvisation. Profane does not equal black. It doesn’t even equal Thug. Sharing food should be a bonding, empathetic, joyful experience. This book is  is mocking and exploitative.

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