A Plaza Hotel Memory

plazahotelI came across this snapshot I took during a visit to New York City a year or so ago, and it reminded me of a long ago moment.

So, my friend Joanne and I decide to join the crowd in front of the Plaza on the off chance that we can see the Beatles as they arrive. TV reporter and cameraman part the crowd where we are, maybe because we are not shrieking and flinging ourselves about, and ask Joanne if she is a devoted Beatles fan. She says something like, “sure.”

Reporter ups the ante by asking “what would you do if a Beatle actually touched you?” Joanne Wolfe, wherever you are, I will never forget the moment. Without even a pause you said, “it depends where.”

Reporter and cameraman quickly move on. And like naive idiots we run home to see if we’ll be on TV.


Beatles arrive at JFK Airport


Part of the the crowd outside the Plaza Hotel, 1964.

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