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Ok, I’ll say what I’m thinking: Millions of left-leaning, good, decent white people help vote the brilliant, charismatic black guy into office and we’re all walking around in amazement, bursting into tears, and recognizing a spectacularly historical moment.

What we did not anticipate was how deeply ingrained in the 47+% who voted against him is the deeply (white) American conviction – – not always conscious or formulated, but there — that no white man can take orders from a black man and still call himself a man. Hence the vomiting out of all that Nazi, Communist, fascist name calling, the busy birthers – – Trump, of all people, and the millions who still tell pollsters they believe Obama is a Muslim. To say “Obama should step down, like Lyndon Johnson, admit he’s been a failure and let someone else run on the dem ticket,” is right out of the Tea Party playbook, isn’t it?

Obama doesn’t walk on water, he hasn’t brought about world peace in record time and we don’t yet have a chicken in every pot. So throw the bum out, he has let us down, we had no idea he was a politician. But don’t just vote him out – – ask him to step down in disgrace. WTF.

The man is a Chicago POLITICIAN. Can’t we get past the tantrums? Do you really want the right to win? And who among the Dems would be dumb enough to run against him? My argument is not an endorsement, just a slim hope that in a second term, without the need to campaign, etc. he might get it together to swing for the fence. I, too, feel deeply disappointed about dozens of issues. I can hardly wait for the book he writes once he is out of office, and can only hope it is honest and revealing. Just now though, abandonment seems unproductive. Complain, protest, demonstrate — hold his feet to the fire.

The Left got Obama in office and it is our job to call him out loud and clear on his wrongheaded positions, to support him with equal fervor when he gets it right, and to keep in mind the talk of bringing about his Waterloo and failure that started the moment he took office. We should take him to task, but we should also hang in and not cave to the grand old liberal tendency to fall into squabbling factions and fight each other harder than we fight our enemies.

The Tea Party is a new phenom. and we need to be mindful of the steady rise of the fascist mentality it promotes. All they need is a couple of charismatic leaders… and the bar is damned low considering that Beck almost pulled that off and Fox is going strong. Any Dem. Pres. would be up against it, but race is a significant dimension.

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