Gingrich and God

Newt Gingrich is a lowlife who knows his audience. These guys have gone so far into the realm of irrationality, and there are so many millions who follow them there that I admit to feeling increasingly uneasy about what is to come.

So many attacks out of right field — hearings on Muslim groups, attempted bribes to NPR, ramped-up vilification of Obama as Kenyan, “anti-imperialist” with Mau-Mau relatives.

Newt, Huckabee, etc. are sharpening their tactics while so many of the rest of us are focused on Wisconsin, North Africa, etc. It’s ideas vs. personal vilification, and a President who seems overwhelmed and under-advised nationally and internationally. I am not optimistic just now.

I doubt Gingrich will have an obvious position of power, but the vicious right is going strong pandering to their base with head-in-sand issues– abortion, gay rights, environmental denial, rejection of health care reform, paranoia about gun control, religious litmus tests for politicians, on and on — all wrapped up in the psychotic racism regarding, blacks, hispanics and Muslims that no public figures of any stripe will talk about except in the most superficial way.

There are millions who find the lies and slanders enormously satisfying and empowering. Sarah Palin is the best-known woman in the country and is raking in big bucks for making incoherent speeches and “writing” incoherent books while the story of a Congresswoman shot in the head at a political gathering in broad daylight is already old news.

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