Scrapbook Entry: Massachusetts 54th Regiment

Massachusetts 54th Regiment – WGBH Open Vault.

Hope Kelly reports that city and state officials held a ceremony at the Massachusetts State House to honor Robert Gould Shaw and the soldiers of the 54th regiment. Kelly reviews the history of Shaw and the African American soldiers of the 54th regiment in the Civil War. Kelly’s report includes footage of the ceremony. The footage features people in historical dress. Part of the ceremony takes place in front of the Robert Gould Shaw Memorial. Kelly reports that the ceremony moved to the African Meeting House. Footage of Marilyn Richardson (Curator, Museum of Afro-American History) addressing at audience at the African Meeting House. Kelly reports that the 1989 film Glory tells the story of the 54th regiment. Kelly’s report includes clips from the film. Kelly notes that a Glory day was proclaimed in Massachusetts.

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