I Channel Sarah Parker Remond

University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH

Friday, Oct. 15, 12:30pm Holloway Commons

Performance: Marilyn Richardson

Photo: S. P. Remond, MA Hist. Soc.

Dr. Sarah Parker Remond, a native of Salem, Massachusetts, who has long lived abroad, has returned to our shores for a brief visit. We are pleased to announce that she has agreed to share with us insights into her anti-slavery work, her activities on behalf of women’s rights, and her work in the medical field.

Miss Remond, it will be recalled, was forcibly removed from the Howard Theatre in Boston and was a party to a subsequent lawsuit. In 1856, she sailed to Great Britain as an official speaker and fundraiser for the American Anti-Slavery Society. Her medical studies were undertaken in Italy.

All who have heard her speak have felt informed and gratified by the experience.

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