Visiting Ashley Bryan

bryan seaglass windowjpg


Made a visit this past weekend to Little Cranberry Island, Maine, to meet the delightful, brilliant, generous and wonderfully prolific artist, Ashley Bryan.  He had his easel set up outside, although it was quite chilly, and was painting the October blossoms in a friend’s garden.

Bryan flowersjpg


Inside, we warmed up with tea and cookies. Later, as we were walking back to the dock to leave, a huge, totally perfect rainbow arched over the island. A breathtaking sight; it was even double for a bit at one end.

Myers  Bryan
Grimed Bryanjpg


2 responses to “Visiting Ashley Bryan

  1. Adrien Mary Rose

    Hello Ashley. I am Georgine Van Sciver Rose ‘ s eldest daughter.I still live in Boston & work In Cambridge. My parents both have known & admired your Art over decades . As far as my memory streches back your name was mention. If you recall both parents were artists . Your paths crosses several time.As a child I remember you came to Gouhenans where we once had a large house. Anyway my mother isn’t well yet seems to have you on her mind. I thought I ‘d say hello also wishing you a wonderful birthday. I Love browsing Your website. Your Art puts tears in my eyes. All My Love .
    Also Love in behalf of Georgine & father Griffith Rose who lives in Paris.He is not well either although only 74 years old.Au Revoir


    • Ashley has never seen this. If there is a chance of you writing to Ashley directly you may at PO Box 283 Isleford, ME 04646…I’m Susie and Ashley only handwrites.


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