Paintings by Garland Eliason – French

Two paintings by my late friend Garland Eliason-French. I wish I could show them to better advantage; the originals are actually quite large – – around 40″ x 60″ acrylic on canvas.



5 responses to “Paintings by Garland Eliason – French

  1. Charles W. Eliason III

    Was just looking around the web and stumbled on these pictures of my sister’s work. I am interested in contacting’s Garland’s friends, if there is a possibility to do so. Best regards.


    • Was your sister living in Greenwhich Village in the early 1970’s? Was she married to Will French and they had a son?
      If so, I have a painting of hers. I used to babysit for them while i was at NYU, and we were good friends.
      please contact me


    • I have some wonderful portraits of Garland. In the 70’s I photographed her work and then when she became ill we connected again. Recently I got involved with The Greenwich Village Oral History project. I showed one of her portraits from 1978 to the librarian who interviewed me. Hope we can connect.


      • Charles Eliason

        Suzanne, it was pleasant to receive your note regarding Garland. I have a sizeable number of her works in storage here in Miami, which I am holding for her son, Will, if he ever decides what he wants done with them. I wish there were some way to have them appreciated by others.

        best regards,

        Charlie Eliason


    • Charles – I work at St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral in Peoria, Illinois. I have a gentleman who is looking to get in touch with you. He was dear friends with your sister, Garland. Please, at your convenience, contact me at St. Paul’s. (Angel at 309-688-3436) Thank you and God Bless!


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