America, America . . .



So many moments have marked the beginning of this new era. We have laughed and wept with joy at so many steps along the way; the long, hopeful campaign trail, the night in Grant Park, standing in the voting booth surrounded by the spirits of our ancestors and friends who did not see that day in the flesh.

 But there is something about the Sunday concert, about standing up and dancing, about singing at the top of our lungs, about the fabulous mix of performers, about the sheer, pure joy – – and even more the depth of the liberation, as song followed song – – until Stevie Wonder had the Obama family on their feet and dancing, something that let us understand just how far we had been pressed down, just how hardened we had become during eight years of a culture of death.

 And then, as musician after musician came onstage singing and playing their hearts out, the layers of psychic oppression began to fall away. We did not know how bent and hunched over we were until we jumped up waving our arms in the air, and shouting and singing and crying took back our own country, took back the power to change.

 We are liberated by the music and words that gave us back our own heartbeat. And oh my God Pete Seeger there at 89 channeling all of our parents and grand-parents; It was all breathtaking – – and breathgiving. 




One response to “America, America . . .

  1. Glad to see that you made it, too.

    I wasn’t able to actually see anything, but I was there, and that was magical enough in itself.


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