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Sharon Robinson cd EVERYBODY KNOWS


Just ordered her new cd.  I may be late in discovering her, but I make up for it in enthusiasm.

A Note From Obama



I don’t recall seeing an example of Obama’s handwriting before, it’s quite distinctive.  Steady, controlled, inexorable; nice open loop in the L in “please”, downstrokes on “y”s head down and don’t come back. No breaks within words, but each compartmentalized. Signature is ego, id, superego contained within a considered design.

Fez is my favorite city in Morocco





Sorry I could not make it to the festival of world sacred music.


“Paris dit NON à l’antisémitisme, au racisme, à toutes les discriminations!” signed, Mairie de Paris

rue des rosiers



Stayed in an apartment on this fascinating street a few years ago. Historic, poignant ambiance; pleasant encounters, good conversations, good food.

Frank Lloyd Wright Theater Curtain

WIGHT theatre curtaif

This huge, complex, stunningly beautiful and thought-provoking work of fabric art is the first item in the Wright show celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Guggenheim. Thank you Ellen, Prilla and Eileen for making such a moment of discovery all the more wonderful for being able to share it.

Financial Dismay



Hope Obama is Thinking This Through